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Ashley’s powerful journey to healing continues with Hope
(Updated: September 12, 2016)
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After suffering the emotional and sexual abuse of her stepfather for six long years, Ashley has escaped and is learning to deal with the aftermath as she picks up the pieces of her life. With the unconditional love of her father, stepmother and her wonderful therapist, she is traveling the long road to healing, although she is still shattered by the events of her past and haunted by the emotional abuse and rejection of her mother.
I loved the first book and I had high hopes for the second book. I wasn't disappointed. Hope in Patience was my favorite of the series. Ashley’s struggle pulls at your heartstrings and compels you to keep reading, standing by her side as she deals with the heartbreak of her past, rooting for her to find her way back in her own way and in her own time.
I did find the beginning to be extremely redundant as it read more like an information dump, or a synopsis of the first book. Most readers would likely want to read this wonderful series back to back, so I didn't feel that so much recapping was necessary.
Ashley’s story still continues to resonate with the absolute authenticity that I loved about the first book. This author understands what a journey to recovery is about and I applauded her ability to make her readers truly get what Ashley is going through.
As with the first book, some of the sub-plots did not have that same level of authenticity and passion as Ashley’s personal story does. I do enjoy the way other social issues, such as racism connect with the overall theme of the book, but it continues to pale in comparison to the central story of Ashley’s journey.
I have to pay tribute to Bev's character, Ashley's stepmother. She is amazing. I adore the way she teaches her students, truly reaching them on a level few teachers are capable of. She is such a strong woman, who becomes more of a mother to Ashley than her own mother ever was.
This trilogy is such a beautiful, empowering story. The message of hope will inspire young readers to find strength within themselves, helping them learn to overcome their own struggles, while allowing them to see that they are never alone.
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