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I started to read Say What You Will as a fun simple book, I didn't expect much. This book was very well written, touching and very real. I did not like how the beginning of the book started out as just e-mails because that was kind of confusing, but it definitely improved.
I liked how you got to hear the story from both Amy and Matthews POV but I think it would have been even more insightful if both POVs were written in first person instead of third. I liked Amy, she was strong and funny and it was very interesting seeing how she changed in good and bad ways, over the course of the book. I still think she made a very bad decision in the middle and then at the end she said some things to Matthew that made me see her differently. So I liked her a lot less at the end of the book.
I had mixed feelings about Matthew, at the start of the book he was so weak and had so little self confidence that he was kind of depressing to read about. Towards the middle though he really started to change and I enjoyed him a lot more at the end when he was more outgoing.
Something happened in the middle of this book that I never saw coming and I'm still very surprised that the story went the way that it did. The ending was very unsatisfying and I think there could have easily been 50 pages more. The story just wasn't finished and I was left with a lot of questions.
Altogether though this was a great emotional read. It was heartbreaking and funny. Highly recommended! That ending though...
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