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Struck (A Room with Books review)
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Struck was one crazy, adrenaline-filled ride. I’ve just finished and my heart is still pounding!

Going in, I was quite wary since I’ve been hearing a lot of mixed reviews. Some people absolutely loved it and some people hated. I, for one, side with those who loved Struck.

Before I go any further, can I just talk about Jeremy for a second? I did have to move past the fact that he shared a name with my younger brother, but once I did…let’s just say I was a fan ;] I mean, shaggy hair and “Clark Kent” glasses? Swoony, swoon-swoon. Plus, he’s all like “Who cares about your scars, Mia, you’re still pretty.” Except, you know, way more eloquent than that.
Speaking of Jeremy and Mia, even though Struck takes place over the course of three days their relationship didn’t feel at all like insta-love to me.

I’ll give you the science in Struck is pretty unlikely, if not completely, but considering the Spark isn’t a realistic thing, I don’t think it really matters. And if I’m going to be honest, I’m a fan of fake science :P

I liked that Mia was willing to do anything for her family, though I think that was also a drawback for me. I’m coming to realize characters that blindly do whatever for the good of this or that person kind of gets on my nerves. In the end, though, Mia did what was right though it was the more difficult thing to do.

If religion makes you squirmy then you might have a problem with Struck but at the core of the story that’s not at all what it’s about so hopefully you’ll look past it.

The Nutshell: I think Struck would have made a great standalone, but I’m looking forward to the sequel nonetheless. Mia is a strong character who’s willing to do whatever it takes to make sure those she loves are safe. There’s also a super hot love interest if that’s what you’re looking for ;] Overall Struck does a fantastic job of weaving a treacherous story filled with science (albeit fictional science), love, post-apocalyptic setting, and just a dash of the paranormal (don’t think ghosts or anything, just simple things that can’t be explained by the laws of science and whatnot).
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