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Man, oh man. This book leaves me speechless.

Actually i have so much to say about this amazing novel and the rest of the series that i will have to try very hard to sum up its perfection without giving away too much. Even if you are not a fan of young adult novels, or even if you dont like to read at all, i dont see how you could not get completely engrossed in this story. Katniss Everdeen, the protagonist, is one of the most well developed characters in any book i have ever read. She is so believeable and relateable and when you have finished the book you feel like you actually know this girl and have known her your whole life. Another great thing about this book is that there are so many characters to fall in love with. There are way to many main characters inthis novel to count and each one of them is described so well. Even characters who are only present for a short time are described in such detail that you feel as if you were there to meet them and know them yourself. The way Collins writes is breathtaking and suspenseful and keeps you glued to the book until you have read the last word in the last sentence of the last page. i read the entire series in three days because i could not put them down. My family thought i was crazy. Now, i am obsessive over reading everything i can about the books and the movie that is coming out next year. i cannot explain how much you NEED to read this if you have not.
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