Earth Reclaimed

Earth Reclaimed
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November 09, 2021
When non-binary seventeen-year-old Seren becomes an ambassador, they’re forced to face their greatest fear: magic. By drawing power from rivers and lakes, Seren is left vulnerable to being controlled by Mother Earth. They're desperate to avoid using magic, but a faction of fascists will do anything to start a war between mages and scientists, including killing Seren, the one mage who sees the value of science.

Outnumbered and outgunned, Seren must use magic to live long enough to reach negotiations for peace. As they struggle to survive assassination attempts, the sentient planet gets into Seren’s head and uses Seren to give humanity a warning: maintain peace or face extinction.

Shutting out Mother Earth could be the end of all humans. Letting Her in would mean becoming Mother Earth’s puppet, killing anyone opposed to Her. Seren must negotiate peace between mages and scientists before Mother Earth drowns them all.

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