Disciples of Chaos (Seven Faceless Saints, 2)

Disciples of Chaos (Seven Faceless Saints, 2)
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February 20, 2024
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In this thrilling sequel to Seven Faceless Saints, Roz and Damian must face their destiny as the world crumbles around them—perfect for fans of Leigh Bardugo and Kerri Maniscalco.

Damian Venturi isn't aware of it yet. But as small shifts start to crack the foundations of the Ombrazian power structure after the Rebellion's attack, cracks are beginning to show in Damian's own facade. Uncontrollable anger is bubbling to the surface and can't always be pushed down. Can he keep everyone safe, even from himself?

Rossana Lacertosa should feel victorious. She accomplished everything she set out to do, and more. The Rebellion's attack set countless prisoners free and brought attention to the unfairness in the Palazzo's structure. And Damian is back by her side where he belongs. Yet the war with Brechaat rages on and government officials are hellbent on keeping the status quo.

Then an Ombrazian general arrives from the front lines, and orders dozens of arrests, shipping Roz and Damian's friends up north. Determined to free those who matter most, Roz and Damian set their sights on Brechaat. But their journey is dogged by strange magic, and Damian shifts further from the boy he used to be.

The complications of love, magic, faith, and war will keep readers eagerly turning the pages as they head towards the gripping conclusion in the Seven Faceless Saints duology.

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(Updated: February 19, 2024)
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In Disciples of Chaos Roz feels great hope that things can change for the better in how those born without magic are treated by the Disciples born with magic. However, that proves a naïve hope as things go wrong quickly when they are all arrested, her friends are shipped off to the frontlines of war, and those in power are bloodthirsty - only wanting to keep the status quo.
Inexplicable magic saves Damian, Roz, Sienna, and Dev allowing them to capture a boat and try to save their friends. I would have thought being in close quarters, the chemistry between Damian and Roz would have been intense. However, something in Damian is changing and it is pulling them apart.
As a reader, the big reveal about Damian’s magic was not really a surprise but the fact that the characters kept attributing it to other things was not engaging. What is a surprise is the resolution to his plight and the war. How nice it would be if complex problems could be so easily swept away in real life.
Overall, this was a good conclusion to the duology. I lament that the sizzling relationship from the first book changed so greatly in the second book. However, there was a sweet evolution in their love story and a solid ending to the established conflicts making it a worthwhile read.
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