Beulah Has a Hunch!: Inside the Colorful Mind of Master Inventor Beulah Louise Henry

Beulah Has a Hunch!: Inside the Colorful Mind of Master Inventor Beulah Louise Henry
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October 17, 2023
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Meet Beulah Louise Henry, a girl with a knack for problem-solving who grew up to be a world-famous inventor, in this captivating picture book biography for fans of Just Like Rube Goldberg and The Girl Who Thought in Pictures.

Growing up in the 1890s, when Beulah Louise Henry spotted a problem, she had to find a solution, turning it around and around in her mind until…aha! She had a hunch—what she called the inventions she came up with to solve the puzzles she saw all around her.

Beulah’s brain worked differently. She had hyperphantasia, which meant she saw things in extreme detail in her mind, as well as synesthesia, which caused words and numbers and even music notes to show up as different colors in her brain. Beulah’s unique way of seeing the world helped her think up vivid solutions to problems—her hunches came to her fully formed with gears whirring and wheels spinning. She invented everything from a new and improved parasol to cuddly stuffed animals and from ice cream makers to factory machinery. Beulah’s inventions improved daily life in lots of ways, earning her the nickname “Lady Edison,” and she became one of the most prolific inventors in American history.

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An empowering children's book
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Beulah Has a Hunch empowers children to believe through the amazing true story of Beulah Louise Henry.

Beulah Louise Henry, nicknamed “Lady Edison," was curious about how things worked and had a passion for invention despite being born in an era when women inventors where virtually unheard of.

This book is so informative, however I believe it's too "wordy" for the target/recommended audience. My six year old lost focus a few times, but loved reading about young Beulah and her inventions!

The illustrations are vibrant and fun. Mazeika did a wonderful job capturing the curiosity in Beulah's facial expression!

I loved the added information about Beulah and her many patents at the rear of the book.
This picture book in its entirety has been a fantastic resource in our homeschool library; Beulah Has a Hunch explores problem-solving , resilience, and self-belief. It encourages children to understand the importance of thinking outside the box and persisting in the face of adversity, and it opens up the door for children to ask questions about women's history.
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