Mummies Unwrapped

Mummies Unwrapped
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April 02, 2024
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What is a mummy? How exactly were they made? Is there really such a thing as a mummy's curse?  And find out why mummies were unwrapped in modern times.

Find out the answers to these questions (and many more!) in this engrossing guide to the mummification process. Filled with grisly detail, you’ll uncover secrets of the embalmers, tales of the tomb robbers, and even what happened when pets were mummified! Meet some famous mummified remains from around the world, from Tutankhamun to the “unlucky mummy,” and find out what happened when archaeologists discovered mummified remains thousands of years after they were buried. And young art historians will appreciate the illustrations of hand-carved sarcophagi, hand-painted inner coffins, gilded burial masks, and the cleverly positioned characters that nod to traditional hieroglyphs and Egyptian friezes.

With a glorious gold foil cover and color illustrations on every page, children aged 7+ will enjoy learning lots more about mummies!

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Mummies Unwrapped
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What worked: Fascinating portrayal of what was behind the process of ancient mummies. There's a lot to love about this non-fiction factual account of one part of ancient Egypt. Published in collaboration with the British Museum, the author goes step by step on what was involved in the mummification process.

Accurate descriptions include how the dead body was prepared for mummification; how long the process took; an embalmer's toolkit; where the organs went; and much more! There are little-known facts which are included in 'mummy mistakes'. One fact was that some animal mummies were in fact pieced together with other animals.

As a former fifth grade teacher, I would have loved to had access to this book while teaching the ancient civilizations unit. The illustrations are bright and add to the engaging material.

There's a glossary in the back with terms that are often used.

A must-add to any fifth-grade classroom curriculum when students study Egypt. Also perfect for Egyptologists in training.
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1. Fascinating portrayal of the behind-the-scenes of ancient mummies
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