Superdads!: Animal Heroes

Superdads!: Animal Heroes
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May 07, 2024
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Raising babies in the wild is a mighty big job, but these super animal dads are up to the task! Packed with cool facts in a fun comics format.

It’s wild out there for baby animals, but nature’s superdads can handle it all. A great horned owl dad brings home tasty prey to his nest, while a sandgrouse dad carries precious water on his feathers across the desert for his thirsty chicks. Wolf dads love a game of tug-of-war with their rambunctious pups, glass frog dads protect their eggs from predators with powerful kicks, and kiwi dads sit on their eggs for eighty days, keeping them safe and warm. And did you know that giant water bug dads can tote a whopping 150 eggs on their backs while doing push-ups? The team behind Supermoms! delivers another humorous and fascinating look into wild parenting, highlighting how superdads from seahorses to gorillas feed, protect, nurture, and even incubate their babies. The comics-panel format, with its lively art and cheeky comments from offspring, makes for an engaging read. Back matter includes bonus super facts about each animal and recommendations for more children’s books, websites, and episodes to explore.

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(Updated: June 21, 2024)
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This book celebrates all the hard-working animal dads and the unique ways they protect their young. I enjoyed the comic-book-style illustrations and the added speech bubbles that paired humor with the facts. This book celebrates dads in a way that would make it a great Father’s Day gift. I appreciate the resources in the back to help children learn more about the animals presented in the book. Besides seahorses, I never knew there were so many dedicated animal dads who helped with the young. Overall, this book was informative and inspiring. Males get a bad rep with being dads so I like that this book combats that to show page after page of dads doing a great job. If you enjoy this book, check out Animal Heroes: Supermoms as well.
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