American Royals IV: Reign

American Royals IV: Reign
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August 29, 2023
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America's royal family is in shambles. Queen Beatrice is in a coma and Princess Samantha has gone missing—from the look of things, she ran away with her boyfriend, Lord Marshall Davis. Which means that Prince Jefferson is currently on the throne. For some in America, it's exactly what they wanted: a King ruling the country. And for Daphne Deighton, who has tricked Jefferson into dating her again, it's the ultimate dream come true.

Surely this is all just temporary. Won’t Beatrice wake up and reclaim her rightful place? Samantha can't really be gone…can she? And Prince Jefferson will never truly be over his childhood crush, Nina Gonzalez. Right?

For the Washington family, the stakes are higher than ever. Love might save the throne….if secrets don’t destroy everything first.

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American Royals IV: Reign
(Updated: August 27, 2023)
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I'm a huge fan of this alternative twist if America had a monarchy series. Think American royalty meets Gossip Girls. Totally addictive series.

In this final novel, a lot of loose ends are tied up. Beatrice has woken from a coma with no recollection of the previous year. Sam and Marshal have fled America to Hawaii. Nina is still numb after the obvious betrayal of Prince Jeff who is now engaged to her arch nemesis Daphne. Ethan is still in the picture as well. Secrets, lies, and courtly intrigue. What isn't to love?

What I really loved about this series is how well-developed all the characters are. Daphne is the 'mean' girl of the royal court with a humble beginning, but her vulnerabilities are shown so she's not just a one-dimensional person. Her dream of becoming a crowned Princess is finally within her reach, but she finds that her heart really isn't with it. Plus, she can't deny who she really feels strongly for.

Nina's character is fleshed out more too. A new guy shows up that she's attracted to and when she finds out Jaime is in fact another prince--this time a Canadian prince-- she's caught off-guard and is leery of his true intentions.

Sam's impulsiveness and thinking outside of the box end up having her lose the title of HRH. She finds this hard at first, but a friendship with a former helper at the palace helps her with learning to be independent on her own. The scene in the local Costco where a young girl named after her is cute and shows how much Sam wants to see life outside of the confirms of the palace.

The one character I wanted more of had to be Prince Jeff. We see him mostly through other character's eyes. His relationship with Daphne is complex and built on a lie. I can see why Nina has a hard time accepting him rushing off to Daphne and not really being honest and upfront with the 'whys'.

Satisfying conclusion to the American Royals series. Royalty meets Gossip Girls with all the intrigue, drama, and romance. I'm sad to see these characters go!
Good Points
1. Satisfying conclusion to the American Royals series
2. Alternative twist if America had a monarchy
3. Royalty meets Gossip Girls
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