Accomplished: A Georgie Darcy Novel

Accomplished: A Georgie Darcy Novel
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July 26, 2022
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Georgiana Darcy gets the Pride & Prejudice retelling she deserves in Amanda Quain's Accomplished, a sparkling contemporary YA featuring a healthy dose of marching band romance, endless banter, and Charles Bingley as a ripped frat boy.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Georgiana Darcy should have been expelled after The Incident with Wickham Foster last year – at least if you ask any of her Pemberley Academy classmates. She may have escaped expulsion because of her family name, but she didn’t escape the disappointment of her big brother Fitz, the scorn of the entire school, or, it turns out, Wickham’s influence.

But she’s back for her junior year, and she needs to prove to everyone – Fitz, Wickham, her former friends, and maybe even herself – that she’s more than just an embarrassment to the family name. How hard can it be to become the Perfect Darcy? All she has to do is:

- Rebuild her reputation with the marching band (even if it kills her)
- Forget about Wickham and his lies (no matter how tempting they still are), and
- Distract Fitz Darcy ― helicopter-sibling extraordinaire ― by getting him to fall in love with his classmate, Lizzie Bennet (this one might be difficult…)

Sure, it's a complicated plan, but so is being a Darcy. With the help of her fellow bandmate, Avery, matchmaking ideas lifted straight from her favorite fanfics, and a whole lot of pancakes, Georgie is going to see every one of her plans through. But when the weight of being the Perfect Darcy comes crashing down, Georgie will have to find her own way before she loses everything permanently―including the one guy who sees her for who she really is.

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After getting tangled in a drug scandal, Georgie Darcy falls out of everyone's good graces, including her brother's. He doesn't trust her to make good decisions anymore and she'll do whatever it takes to prove him wrong. The only problem is that her ex, Wickham, is back and tries to bring her down. He's the only one that notices her, but she can't let that stop her from rebuilding her future. However, pushing away his consuming presence is easier said than done.

When her old friend Avery starts talking to her again, she sees it as an opportunity to start making friends again. But now she's having to learn how to be a normal person without Wickham at her side. He haunts her every move and his condescending words are on replay in her mind. Tack on her overbearing brother Fitz and Georgie struggles to land back on her feet. But Avery is there to catch her every time. The more time they spend together, the more Georgie realizes how amazing Avery is and how her feelings for him start to shift. Can she overcome her rocky past to accept who she is as a person while trying to prove to others she can be better?

ACCOMPLISHED is a contemporary romance that also addresses sibling issues and the pressure of living up to high expectations from others. I love how it's a modern day Pride and Prejudice with Lizzie and Darcy as side characters instead of taking the frontline. It feels like a fresh perspective on my favorite classic story. Georgie's strong character inspires me to be a better person because her strength is contagious, even when she's at her worst moments. Fitz is just as overprotective as I would expect his character to be and Avery is so sweet that he captured my heart from his first introduction. I also love how Amanda Quain brings in Lizzie, Lydia, Charles, Jane, and Wickham into the story while adding her own flair to them.

Final Verdict: ACCOMPLISHED is a fresh and unique addiction to the Pride and Prejudice world of retellings that I would recommend to fans of contemporary romance, social issues, and sibling banter. I've enjoyed this read and look forward to more like it from Amanda Quain.
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