A Dispelling of Darkness

A Dispelling of Darkness
Age Range
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September 01, 2023
PJ’s life is complicated. She faces ridicule from class bullies, is burdened with an obnoxious younger brother, a dad who’s checked out of their relationship, and the weakening of a bond between her and her only best friend caused by a 14-year-old classmate. Strange unexplainable things begin to happen in her 7th grade year. Then a mysterious letter is placed in her hand, warning that time is running out for her world and telling her she’s been chosen to save it. On her 13th birthday, she is given a clue to its origins. Friends began to disappear, and her family is threatened as she faces a powerful force that manifests itself as darkness, creeping shadows, and dangerous villains. PJ is magically whisked away to where answers come in dreams and time travel, beloved animal friends fight by her side, and an eccentric neighbor and Peruvian shaman serve as her guides. A magical force brings to life illustrations of children who help change the views of world leaders in a way that enables PJ and the children working by her side, “the chosen ones,” to win out over the evil that is threatening to destroy the world.

This book presents scenes of natural beauty which are placed in the narrative against scenes of total environmental degradation. These scenes leave the reader with a keen awareness of the loss we are all experiencing. They foreshadow the catastrophic results awaiting us all if we don’t act and allow the reader to envision the wonderful possibility of reclaiming what was our beautiful world if we do.

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