Where Are The Aliens? The Search for Life Beyond Earth

Where Are The Aliens? The Search for Life Beyond Earth
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September 05, 2023
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A fun-filled, highly illustrated, science-based exploration into one of the universe’s greatest mysteries—does life exist beyond Earth?—from bestselling and award-winning author Stacy McAnulty.

Spoiler: Scientists haven’t discovered life beyond Earth, not even a single teeny-tiny organism. But there’s a whole lot of outer space, and humans have searched only a fraction of a fraction of it. So do you believe in the possibility of life out there? Or do you think Earth is perfectly unique in its ability to grow organisms?

Where Are the Aliens? takes readers on a journey of theories and discoveries, from the big bang and primordial soup, to how the ancient Greeks considered the cosmos, to the technology used today to listen and (possibly!) communicate with far-off exoplanets. Packed with playful illustrations and fascinating factoids, this is the perfect book for anyone who has ever looked up and asked, "What's out there?"

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Where Are The Aliens?
(Updated: September 28, 2023)
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What worked: Engaging fun-packed quest filled with equally fun illustrations that explore and address the age-old question: is there life beyond Earth? I really enjoyed how the author uses fun illustrations and facts to address that question. McAnulty uses scientific research and has a timeline of what has been accomplished in order to search the stars.

Some interesting facts:

The Fermi paradox. In 1950 physicist Enrico Fermi's question of 'Where is everyone' turned into 'Where are the aliens?'

History of the space race includes how the Soviets and Americans competed to be the first to land on the moon. And the animals that were sent into outer space in the name of science. Yes, the US sent animals too.

Discussion on exoplanets.

The Drake equation which attempts to use math to examine the possibility of alien life.

And of course, a section that addresses if alien encounter stories are real.

At the back of the novel is a list of resources; a timeline of events; and acronyms.

An added bonus is McAnulty brings to life all the questions a young scientist might have on exploring life in outer space. While some might roll their eyes at the idea of little green men, there is research behind scientific exploration.

Perfect for those interested in searching the stars for life outside of Earth with easy-to-understand scientific research and questions that help future scientists in their search.
Good Points
1. Engaging fun packed quest filled with questions relating to the exploration of space
2. Equally fun illustrations and facts
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