Water: A Deep Dive of Discovery

Water: A Deep Dive of Discovery
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October 29, 2021
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Immerse yourself in fascinating facts about water! This comprehensive yet accessible exploration of water will help young readers understand many aspects of one of our planet's most precious resources - and how they can protect it. A friendly water droplet character guides children through topics ranging from melting and freezing to the ways in which water literally shapes the Earth. Tales by storytellers from around the world are sprinkled through the book, highlighting the variety of ways in which global cultures value water. The engaging format includes gatefolds and booklets with hands-on activity ideas for learning about and protecting water. Topics covered include: *The importance of water to life *How much of the planet is made of water *Where in the world water is located *Freezing, melting and evaporation *The water cycle *Why animals and plants need water *Salt water versus fresh water environments *Uses for water, including water as a source of renewable energy *Water conservation and how to keep water clean.

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Water, Water Everywhere
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No just dipping one's toes in the water here-- this book contains almost as many facts about the ocean as there are gallons of water in it! (Well, that might be exaggerating.? From statistics about the volume of the ocean, the percentage frozen in ice and in freshwater (only 1%! I learned something!) to varieties of sea life to careers involving different aspects of water, this book has it all. Interspersed between the facts are the stories I associate with Barefoot Books-- cultural folk tales involving water, written by writers from around the world.

The water cycle does get a description (I know this is a big topic in schools), and a note assures young readers that "drinking the same old water" is not a problem due to this process. Clever fold old pages allow room for more information on topics, and tiny lift-a-flap insert have"Dive Deeper" information. There's too much information for a comfortable read aloud, but those tiny flaps are certainly appealing!
Good Points
Cabassa's illustration style is exuberant, and heavy on various shades of blue, and the people depicted represent a range of ethnicities. Different texts reinforce concepts; there's a heavy use of bold font for unfamiliar words, and a helpful glossary at the end. The stories have fantastic borders on them, and additional illustrations on the two page spreads.

Water: A Deep Dive of Discovery is a great way to start investigations into all manner of aquiferous activities! Follow up with Cramp's Captain Aquatica's Awesome Ocean, Wynne's My First Book About the Oceans, or the Hesterman's The Fascinating Ocean Book for Kids: 500 Incredible Facts!.
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