David Atherton’s Baking Book for Kids: Delicious Recipes for Budding Bakers (Bake, Make and Learn to Cook)

David Atherton’s Baking Book for Kids: Delicious Recipes for Budding Bakers (Bake, Make and Learn to Cook)
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September 19, 2023
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Winner of The Great British Baking Show David Atherton delivers his eagerly anticipated first baking book, jam-packed with kid-friendly recipes for budding young bakers.

Preheat the oven and get cracking—there are bakes to make! This third serving from Great British Baking Show winner David Atherton guides readers through a veritable feast of sweet and savory baked treats. From snacky samosas to hot cross hedgehogs, from loaves baked in flowerpots to an ombre cake (your friends will think it came from a fancy bakery), these recipes are so delicious and easy to follow, they’ll have the reader named star baker in no time! Featuring oven-hot tips, a review of a baker’s cupboard, an equipment list, step-by-step instructions, and delightful illustrations by award-winning illustrator Harry Woodgate, this collection of mouthwatering recipes from David Atherton will bring little bakers and their loved ones together in the kitchen again and again.

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Baked goods from cakes to focaccia
(Updated: October 07, 2023)
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Having read this author's Bake, Make, and Learn to Cook: Fun and Healthy Recipes for Young Cooks (which has my favorite illustrations; the teal and orange colors are fantastic) as well as Bake, Make, and Learn to Cook Vegetarian: Healthy and Green Recipes for Young Cooks, I was interested to see this volume of baked goods by Atherton, who apparently was a Great British Baking Show Winner. (I've never watched it, but I know there are a lot of avid fans.) This one, illustrated by Harry Woodgate, had a good variety of things to bake, including samosas and sausage rolls, proving that baking doesn't have to be all sweets.

The recipes are clear and concise, and there is the requisite overview of supplies, techniques, and ingredients at the beginning of the book. The baked goods do seem rather British (which only makes sense) and includes Hot Cross Hedgehogs, Chocolate Chip Buns, and some very convoluted things with bread dough, and well as a scone volcano that seemed reminiscent of Farrow's The official Harry Potter Baking Book. The British don't make as many cookies as we do in the US because their biscuit manufacturing is so strong, but they do seem to like to spend a lot more time forcing bread dough into odd shapes than I do!

Good Points
There's a nice cut up butterfly cake, although it has nothing on the Baker's Easy Cut-Up Party Cakes book, and a yummy looking Jam roll Swiss Roll that I might try even though rolling up the cake in a tea towel has always seemed like a difficult proposition! There's a custard cream recipe that also looks tempting, although I am unsure of why it was necessary to include canned corn in the recipe. The cookie options are heavy on bars. The birthday ombre cake on the cover is included in the chapter on Showstoppers, along with a cherry pie.

I always wanted to bake with my mother when I was growing up and still love to read cookbooks. This is a great choice for the budding baker in your life who will be glad to have a copy of this to shelve next to titles like Klutz Books' Magical Baking, Strand's Kids in the Holiday Kitchen, Williams' Spooky Snacks and Treats, and Goldman's fantastic Super Good Cookies for Kids.
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