Secret FACTopia!: Follow the Trail of 400 Hidden Facts (FACTopia!, 7)

Secret FACTopia!: Follow the Trail of 400 Hidden Facts (FACTopia!, 7)
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August 06, 2024
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Follow an ingenious trail of 400 facts about everything from secret recipes and escape artists to hidden treasure and invisibility cloaks.
You’ll meet an underwear-stealing cat, find out about sharks that glow, uncover a toilet in disguise, and learn about the biggest ever game of hide-and-seek. And the facts aren’t the only secrets in this book, for hidden among the illustrations are ten mice just waiting to be found!

Lavishly illustrated with witty illustrations that combine artwork and photography, and verified by the experts at Encyclopaedia Britannica, Secret FACTopia! sheds light on some of the world’s most amazing “hidden” facts, which kids will be desperate to share with their friends and family.

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This book was an interesting format that is hard to categorize; essentially, it is like the National Geographic Weird But True books if James Joyce (Ulysses) had written them in his stream-of-consciousness style. It ping pongs in a delightful way from ultraviolet light to 17th century German books hollowed out to store poison to the manchineel tree... and that's just on three pages! The brief facts are all centered around secret or hidden topics, but encompasses not only the whole world but space as well.

Good Points
Facts are presented in a pell mell fashion. Some get an entire page of treatment, and handy dotted lines trail throughout the book, leading from one topic to another. There are also some pages that are a veritable clearing house of facts, with speech bubble or flow chart style boxes cramming lots of facts in a small space. This is a great springboard to further research; when I read the fact about an archaeologist who used dynamite to hasten the excavation of Troy and was surprised that his name wasn't given, I had to do some research and find out that they were referring to Heinrich Schliemann! There is an index, and a list of resources, but this is more of a grab bag of facts rather than something that will help with deep dives.

I'm a huge fan of this type of book, and hadn't seen this Britannica series before, although this is the seventh book in the series of volumes showcasing "crazily connected facts". Perfect for road trips, bugging older siblings, and possibly even breaking a cell phone addiction, this is a fascinating new way to introduce young readers to the wonders of "fun facts" that is a little different from National Geographic Almanacs, since the pages are full of Andy Smith's goofy but informative illustrations rather than glossy photographs, although there are some decorated photographs that are quite fun.
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