The Big Book of Butts (Somos8)

The Big Book of Butts (Somos8)
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September 05, 2023
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Did you know that sea cucumbers use their butts to breathe? Or that the famous red butts of mandrills help them see each other in the jungle?
Butts are used for breathing, eating, swimming and even talking and they come in all shapes, sizes and colors  (some are even multi-colored!).
Learn fun facts about your own bottom and those in the animal kingdom in this hilarious book of butts!

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(Updated: August 31, 2023)
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This book has a lot of facts about butts in the animal kingdom. It has some silly illustrations and turns of phrases that make it an engaging read. I had never thought of butts in terms of having an evolutionary birthday or that it was a sign of increasing intelligence because more complex creatures were developing them in the Cambrian Period. Usually, I like nonfiction to have real photographs, when possible, yet given the topic it is much more appropriate that the illustrations are a bit cartoonish and therefore easier to incorporate humans and the culture around terminology into the discussion. The cover and title do a great job of grabbing your attention and making you curious enough to keep turning the pages to see what else it would say while giving you facts almost without realizing you are learning. Since kids are already curious about behinds it is great to get facts about them as well so the topic is demystified.

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