Viva Lola Espinoza!

Viva Lola Espinoza!
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April 11, 2023
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A debut young adult novel that’s Pride & Prejudice with a dash of magic, about a booksmart teen who spends the summer in Mexico City, meets two very cute boys, attempts to learn Spanish, and uncovers a family secret that changes her life forever.

Lola Espinoza is cursed in love. Well, maybe not actually cursed — magic isn't real, is it? When Lola goes to spend the summer with her grandmother in Mexico City and meets handsome, flirtatious Rio, she discovers the unbelievable truth: Magic is very real, and what she'd always written off as bad luck is actually, truly . . . a curse. If Lola ever wants to fall in love without suffering the consequences, she'll have to break the curse. She finds an unlikely curse-breaking companion in Javi, a seemingly stoic boy she meets while working in her cousin's restaurant. Javi is willing to help Lola look into this family curse of hers, and Lola needs all the help she can get. Over the course of one summer — filled with food, family, and two very different boys — Lola explores Mexico City while learning about herself, her heritage, and the magic around us all.

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Viva Lola Espinoza
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Lola Espinoza studies hard, but when she receives a 'C' in Spanish, her father sends her to Mexico City to be with her family to learn the language. While there Lola encounters all the family drama and even learns about a family curse. Add to this she's drawn to two very different boys-handsome Rio and his more serious friend Javi. Lola works in one of her family's restaurants and learns much more than the language but that magic might in fact be around us all.

What worked: I loved this contemporary romance set in Mexico City. It's like a telenovela filled with chisma, family conflict, a curse, and two very different cute boys.

This story is much more than romance. It's a story of a teen learning not only about her Mexican heritage, but the power of family and her own path in life. Lola learns to think outside of the box and to take chances. Something the very studious side of her struggled with in the States.

I loved how the author shares not only the language, (kudos for not putting the language in italics), but also the rich culture, heritage, and foods. Lola's discovery of her own Mexican background is one I know will resonate with readers.

Engaging and fast-paced. The dialogue is authentic and adds to the richness of this story.

And finally, I liked the added touch of how Lola searched for how to break the family curse and what she learned along the way.

Heart-warming coming-of-age story. A love story shout-out to Mexico City, and finding your own place.
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1. Engaging tale filled with chisma and family in Mexico City
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