These Deadly Prophecies

These Deadly Prophecies
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January 30, 2024
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“An incredibly fun thrill-ride by a masterful storyteller.” —Marie Lu, #1 New York Times Bestselling author of Stars And Smoke

A teenage sorcerer’s apprentice must solve her boss’s murder in order to prove her innocence in this twisty, magic-infused murder mystery perfect for fans of Knives Out and The Inheritance Games.

Being an apprentice to one of the world's most famous sorcerers has its challenges; Tabatha Zeng just didn’t think they would include solving crime. But when her boss, the infamous fortuneteller Sorcerer Solomon, predicts his own brutal death—and worse, it comes true—Tabatha finds herself caught in the crosshairs.

The police have their sights set on her and Callum Solomon, her murdered boss’s youngest son. With suspicion swirling around them, the two decide to team up to find the real killer and clear their own names once and for all.

But solving a murder isn’t as easy as it seems, especially when the suspect list is mostly the rich, connected, and magical members of Sorcerer Solomon’s family. And Tabatha can’t quite escape the nagging voice in her head asking: just how much can she really trust Callum Solomon?

Nothing is as it seems in this quick-witted and fantastical murder mystery.

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intriguing magical murder-mystery
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THESE DEADLY PROPHECIES is an engaging murder-mystery with a magical twist. Tabatha is an apprentice to a renowned sorcerer, though her parents would rather she be working towards a law degree. Tabatha has a skill with prophecy that she is learning about, and she doesn't believe it when her mentor predicts his own death at the hands of someone he cares about.

When it does come true, Tabatha finds herself in the crosshairs, as someone who spent time with him the night before he was found. As directed by her mentor, she has contacted his son, Callum, and together, they work towards uncovering who may have been behind his gruesome death.

What I loved: The magic was particularly interesting here, with different characters having different affinities, and prophecy being a skillset that can seem hand-wavy but can be verifiable by others with the skill. The events in the description happen quickly, and much of the story focuses on the investigation that Callum and Tabatha are conducting to figure out what happened to her mentor/his father. Their investigation has plenty of twists and turns and red herrings as they seek to find out who was behind it - and clear their own names in the process.

Tabatha was a compelling character who felt quite earnest and very much a teenager. She struggles with balancing her parents' expectations for her with what she wants out of her own life. She also has mixed feelings about Callum, as they get to know each other well throughout their investigation. The family was very unique with many quirks that come out throughout the story. This gave the investigation quite the flair and spurred the apt Knives Out comparison.

The sorcerer was married twice to two very different women, with three children who all have their own issues in no small part related to their eccentric and wealthy parents. He also had connections with other unusual characters from his past that come out of the woodwork in his death. With his inheritance on the line, the story carried a bit of a suspense feel, as if the cases were not yet completed and anyone could be in the crosshairs.

What left me wanting more: As a small thing, the investigation got a bit slow in places in the middle of the story but it did then seem to ramp up towards the end leading to the reveal.

Final verdict: Overall, THESE DEADLY PROPHECIES is a fun murder-mystery with a magical twist.
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