The Wills and The Won'ts

The Wills and The Won'ts
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July 05, 2022
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Dr. Seuss’s The Sneetches and Other Stories meets The Wall in the Middle of the Book in this pitch perfect, rhyming story about breaking down barriers and embracing our differences.

An angry old Won’t and a cheerless young Will
lived next to each other, on top of a hill.
They squabbled and quarrelled, did nothing but fight.
If one said, "It’s day," said the other, "It’s night."
"Your dog wrecked my roses!" "Your trees are too tall!"
"There’s one way to end this:

The Wills and the Won’ts can’t seem to agree on anything, so they build a wall to keep the other out. Until a hopeful young May realizes that perhaps they can find some common ground, if only they work together.
A fantastically timely and timeless read-aloud with the bouncing rhyme of Dr. Seuss and a message that will resonate with readers of all ages: Tolerance and togetherness put us all on the same side. 

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The Wills and The Won'ts is wonderful book that has rhythmic text and eye-catching illustrations, but it also conveys an important message about tolerance even if you have different viewpoints.

The Wills and the Won'ts live next door to each other, but they do not get along. They have opposite viewpoints on just about everything. Eventually, they realize they can't get along and build a wall. The wall starts small and grows until both the Wills and the Won'ts realize that they are not free. In addition to dividing the two cities, insulting posters adorn the wall and create an even greater division.

There is a young Will named May who does not understand the hatred and why a wall was built. After loosening a brick, she meets a Won't who wants to be friends. As they begin to remove the bricks, both towns join in and the wall is removed. While the Wills and the Won'ts don't agree on everything, they learn that they can still be friends and live in harmony.

The illustrations in this book are outstanding. I love how illustrator Roland Garrigue uses a color palette of oranges and blue/greens to create the characters and town.

I recommend this book to all children because it has such a powerful message about friendship and tolerance.
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