The Teenage Guide to Success

The Teenage Guide to Success
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November 03, 2023
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In The Teenage Guide to Success, Cole Fidelman lays out the proven TICK TOCK formula for teens to take control of their lives and create the future they want. This book is the life raft teenagers need to navigate challenges and unlock their full potential.

Based on wisdom from highly accomplished leaders, the TICK TOCK principles guide teens to tame social media, inspire resilience, choose mentors, overcome adversity, find purpose, fuel passion, cultivate relationships and expand knowledge.

With engaging stories, practical tips and expert advice, The Teenage Guide to Success hands teenagers the tools to strengthen self-esteem, achieve their goals, and reject society's narrow definition of success.

For any teen facing anxiety, loneliness or lack of motivation, this book provides the crucial roadmap to self-actualization. The future starts now with the TICK TOCK formula lighting the path. Every teenager needs this essential guidebook to create a life of meaning, purpose and empowerment on their own terms.

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