Impossible Escape: A True Story of Survival and Heroism In Nazi Europe

Impossible Escape: A True Story of Survival and Heroism In Nazi Europe
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October 03, 2023
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It is 1944. A teenager named Rudolf (Rudi) Vrba has made up his mind. After barely surviving nearly two years in the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland, he knows he must escape. Even if death is more likely.

Rudi has learned the terrible secret hidden behind the heavily guarded fences of concentration camps across Nazi-occupied Europe: the methodical mass killing of Jewish prisoners. As trains full of people arrive daily, Rudi knows that the murders won’t stop until he reveals the truth to the world―and that each day that passes means more lives are lost.

Lives like Rudi’s schoolmate Gerta Sidonová. Gerta’s family fled from Slovakia to Hungary, where they live under assumed names to hide their Jewish identity. But Hungary is beginning to cave under pressure from German Nazis. Her chances of survival become slimmer by the day.

The clock is ticking. As Gerta inches closer to capture, Rudi and his friend Alfred Wetzler begin their crucial steps towards an impossible escape.

This is the true story of one of the most famous whistleblowers in the world, and how his death-defying escape helped save over 100,000 lives.

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Impossible Escape
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What worked: Powerful narrative about two Jewish friends and their experiences during the Holocaust. In 1944 Rubi is picked up and thrown into a prisoner camp. He tries to escape, but when captured is sent to concentration camps during WWII. His last one is the infamous Auschwitz camp. This is his story of how he not only survived but escaped to tell about the horrors of the camps.

Gerta's family flees from Slovakia to Hungary and lives under different names to hide their Jewish identity. Gerta wants to help but even Hungary can't hide her for too long. The pressure from the Nazis increases and so does Gerta's fears of being rounded up and sent to the camps.

The audiobook descriptions of the two Jewish friends who experienced firsthand family, friends, and themselves being sent to the Nazi camps in Europe are gut-wrenching. Rubi's determination to not only live but to tell of the Nazi atrocities that happened in the concentration camps is read in such vivid detail. My grandfather fought in WWII and I grew up hearing stories of the horrific actions of what happened during the Holocaust. One of my friends encountered a Jewish Holocaust survivor when visiting NYC in the early 1980s and that woman said how important it was for her to share her story so that others would never forget. Rubi's story peels back how some tried to hide what was going on in Europe in the 1940s and shows the horrors that some committed against those they deemed subhuman.

Hearing the audiobook version of this non-fiction book makes the story even more powerful with its important message of never forgetting. Totally recommend for Holocaust studies.

Good Points
1. Haunting true story of two friends and their experiences during the Holocaust
2. Powerful writing
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