The Return of the Christmas Witch

The Return of the Christmas Witch
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October 11, 2022
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In the much-anticipated follow-up to the bestselling The Legend of the Christmas Witch, Parks and Recreation star Aubrey Plaza and creative partner Dan Murphy's fiery heroine has returned. . . and this time she's taking on Christmas.

By now you’ve heard the legend, all but forgotten, of Santa Claus’s twin sister. Many years ago, this shadowy figure followed in Santa’s footsteps, searching for him while leaving odd gifts of her own. One fateful night, they finally came face-to-face, and she hasn’t been heard from since. Until now . . .

The Christmas Witch has returned.

After centuries trapped in her icy chamber, the snow is finally melting, and Kristtörn awakens. She finds that the holiday she loved is now controlled by the mysterious Kringle Corporation. She embarks on a journey to a world unknown to her, where she meets the inventive young Poppy and sweet old reindeer Donner, who agree to help her restore Christmas to its former glory. Little do they know that she wants more than order . . . she wants revenge.

In the highly anticipated follow-up to the bestselling The Legend of the Christmas Witch, award-winning producer and actress Aubrey Plaza and her creative partner Dan Murphy give the true spirit of Christmas a modern and wonderfully witchy twist.

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When the Christmas Witch wakes up after years and years of sleeping, she discovers that much has changed both with the world and with herself. Kristtörn discovers that her hair has turned white from the eyes and her eyes have changed in color. As she emerges, she finds out that her brother no longer does Christmas, so where is she? As she sets of to find him, it's with hate and vengeance in her heart. But she's surprised to find new friends and a bit of herself in the process. Because you can't have Christmas without Santa and sometimes anger isn't always the answer.

THE RETURN OF THE CHRISTMAS WITCH is a dark and original Christmas story for children to read beside a fire while drinking hot chocolate. While this one is darker than the first one, I liked it just as much. The illustrations are beautiful and I love the darker color scheme. It's nice to see Kristtörn bond with someone and take a twist to help instead of hurt.

Final Verdict: In a dark twist, the Christmas Witch returns and makes for a magical and original Christmas folktale. I would recommend this to fans of magic and holiday stories. It's also great for parents who want to expose their children to unique and different Christmas stories when compared to the traditional ones.
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