The Little Books of the Little Brontes

The Little Books of the Little Brontes
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October 17, 2023
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The inspiring true tale of young siblings who loved to make stories — and grew up to be among English literature's finest writers. A picture book for fans of Mary Who Wrote Frankenstein.

Many years ago, the four motherless children of the Brontë family — Charlotte, Branwell, Emily and Anne — lived in a windswept house by the moors with their father. Although their lives were often filled with sadness and their world was only as large as the distance they could walk, their INNER worlds were bound only by their imaginations. Hungry for stories, these children devoured novels and poetry, history and fables. And with the gift of a group of toy soldiers, they were inspired to make their own stories, and their own tiny books . . . a passion that would last them a lifetime.

A moving and atmospheric story about the power of imagination, the joy of storytelling and the love of books, The Little Books of the Little Brontës will enchant both those who love these literary sisters and those who are learning about them for the first time. Includes an author's note, timeline of the Brontës' lives and a fun craft with instructions on creating your own little book.

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The house of the Brontes was one of full of giant imaginations. They may not have lived long lives but they were certainly full of life. Their mother died when they were young so they lived with their father and had each other to lean on. While their lives were sad sometimes, it was mostly one full of sibling love and they looked out for one another. But their main source of entertainment was books and it was something the could easily share and create together.

THE LITTLE BOOK OF THE LITTLE BRONTES celebrates the love these siblings shared for books and how they had vivid imaginations that they'd create little books of. In the back of the book there's a fun activity for children to make their own little book. It's something to stimulate their imaginations and to help them think outside of the box. There's also an author's note that gives us more history about the Brontes family. Books were very important to the Brontes and I love how the author focuses on their love of them. For more information, there's a timeline to map out the series of events the Brontes went through. There's a lot more facts covered than I expected in this picture book and it's a great resource for an English teacher.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to children aged five and older who enjoy a mixture of literature and history. It's a story that can encourage children with big imaginations to make something out of it.
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