The Jump

The Jump
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March 07, 2023
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Influence is power. Power creates change. And change is exactly what Team Jericho needs.

Jax, Yas, Spider, and Han are the four cornerstones of Team Jericho, the best scavenger hunting team in all of Seattle. Each has their own specialty: Jax, the puzzler; Yas, the parkourist; Spider, the hacker; and Han, the cartographer. But now with an oil refinery being built right in their backyard, each also has their own problems. Their families are at risk of losing their jobs, their communities, and their homes.

So when The Order, a mysterious vigilante organization, hijacks the scavenger hunting forum and concocts a puzzle of its own, promising a reward of influence, Team Jericho sees it as the chance of a lifetime. If they win this game, they could change their families’ fates and save the city they love so much. But with an opposing team hot on their heels, it’s going to take more than street smarts to outwit their rivals.

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What worked:
This book pushes realistic fiction in a fresh direction. It’s a character versus society plot with an oil company set to build a refinery in Seattle, Washington. A secret, vigilante group called The Order has protested against civil wrongs throughout the country although the main characters don’t understand why they’d bother messing with the school’s fire alarms. These four characters form a group called Jericho and they’re the top team in a clue-solving, scavenger hunt competition. They uncover clues for a new hunt that may change their futures forever.
The members of Jericho form an odd group of outcasts, each with differences that isn’t readily accepted by society. Three of them are of color and racism is an issue, especially later in the story. Spider is transgender, transitioning to become male, and he’s an expert at computers. Jax is the leader of Jericho and an expert at logic and solving puzzles. Yas is an athletic girl with excellent agility and parkour skills. Finally, the book doesn’t specifically say so, but Han seems to be on the autistic spectrum but he’s an expert on the geography of Seattle. They work together with the intention of winning the latest competition but different perceptions of The Order create friction. Yas especially questions the wisdom of admiring the radical group and what it actually represents.
Riddle and puzzle solvers will enjoy the mental aspect of the plot. The Order presents cryptic clues around Seattle with each solution revealing a new riddle. Jericho must interpret evidence from different angles which is where the diversity of their team is valuable. However, Yas senses there’s something different about the new batch of clues but each member of the team is motivated by his or her own situation. Saving the neighborhood and their families' ways of life are at the core. However, a competing group is right on their heels, sometimes ahead, with its own personal inspirations.
What didn’t work as well:
The cryptic clues may not appeal to all readers but the characters provide thorough explanations after their revelations. The story includes profanity but it fits the characters, setting, and tone of the book.
The Final Verdict:
The evolving dynamics of the characters are the highlight with the race to solve all of The Order’s clues being the driving force of the plot. The author provides hints along the way but a compelling surprise is saved for the end. I recommend you give this book a shot.
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