The Good Hawk

The Good Hawk
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January 21, 2020
Agatha is a Hawk, brave and fierce, who protects her people by patrolling the high walls of their island home. She is proud of her job, though some in her clan whisper that it is meant to keep her out of the way because of the condition she was born with.

Jaime, thoughtful and anxious, is an Angler, but he hates the sea. Worse, he’s been chosen for a duty that the clan hasn’t required for generations: to marry. The elders won’t say why they have promised him to a girl in a neighboring clan, but there are rumors of approaching danger.

When disaster strikes and the clan is kidnapped, it is up to Agatha and Jaime to travel across the haunted mainland of Scotia to Norveg, with help along the way from a clan of nomadic Highland bull riders and the many animals who are drawn to Agatha’s extraordinary gift of communication. Thrilling and dark yet rich with humor and compassion, this is the first book in the Shadow Skye trilogy, written by a wonderful new voice in fantasy and introducing a welcome new kind of hero.

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The Good Hawk by Joseph Elliot - Book and Audio Review
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What a story. There was just so much enjoyable about this book. I practically finished the whole thing in a day. The atmosphere was so well described out that I could imagine Agatha and Jaime’s journey. In stories like this, I really appreciate the fantasy factor. It’s so subtle integrated that it honestly feels like apart of the everyday real world. The pacing was fast and definitely set up for the rest of the series.

While I really enjoyed the world and the story telling, it was the characters that truly made me involved. Agatha. Oh my goodness, I would defend her until my dying breath but I wouldn’t need to because she is strong herself. Her personality is amazing and just so pure. Even though she makes mistakes she is true and devoted to her clan. I really appreciated the way her disability was presented through the book. It really added to her character and I couldn’t imagine her any other way. Jaime was amazing as well and such a good counterpart to Agatha. It makes complete sense how and why they compliment each other and I cannot wait for the rest of their journey.

Overall, The Good Hawk by Joseph Elliot was a surprisingly good find. I’m so glad that I started this series and I cannot wait to continue it. This story is so unique and I love the subtle fantasy theme to it. This is definitely the beginning of their journey and it’s clear that this first book is the set up. I’m so intrigued on the rest of the series. While I loved the writing and world building, it really was the characters that stole the show, especially Agatha. She was such an amazingly written character and I loved her personality. Jaime was a great counterpart for Agatha and I definitely am rooting for them to bring their clan back together.

NOTE: The narration does not affect my rating of the book
Holy audio. I absolutely loved this and the narrators killed it. Narrating in a Scottish accent to really bring the story to life was an amazing touch. Fiona Hardingham is one of my favorite narrators and wow… she is so talented. The way she gave Agatha such a distinctive voice… I’m definitely finding a way to listen to the rest of these on audios. If you are a beginner to audiobooks though, this might be a little rough. I would recommend reading along or just going straight with the physical edition. But those who love audioboooks — do it. NOTE: I guess there are 2 different versions. One where Fiona narrates the whole thing and one with Fiona and Gary Furlong. I did the dual narration and loved it!
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