The Future King (Emry Merlin Book 2)

The Future King (Emry Merlin Book 2)
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March 21, 2023
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Welcome back to the great kingdom of Camelot! Scandal, betrayal, and courtly crushes abound in this highly anticipated sequel to The Other Merlin, one of Publishers Weekly’s Best Books of the Year!

Emry Merlin should be living her best life as a wizard’s apprentice. Now that she no longer has to pretend to be her brother to study magic, she and Prince Arthur are closer than ever. Except King Uther has warned her to stay away from his son, and Emry’s magic is growing more unpredictable by the day.

Meanwhile, Arthur’s prophesied future as the One True King is closing in. And as his wedding to Princess Guinevere draws nearer, he discovers she’s hiding a shocking secret. When Emry learns that the only hope to fix her increasingly dangerous magic is an eccentric Parisian alchemist, Arthur has his own reasons for accompanying her to French court, and for befriending an infamous crowd of young nobles.

But it’s going to take a lot more than a depressed gargoyle, some obscenely tight trousers, and a deadly sports match to keep our young heroes from their destiny. Can these reluctant royals and wayward wizards set aside their drama and save their kingdom, or is Camelot doomed?

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(Updated: May 21, 2023)
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After the events in THE OTHER MERLIN, everyone seems to have their own issues going on. Emry feels like she has to walk on eggshells to avoid being kicked out of the castle. She worries because her brother isn't the greatest at following directions, but she's counting on him to remain at the castle. To make things worse, her powers are getting stronger and she's struggling to control them. Throw in her attraction to Arthur and her stress level is up to the boiling point. Arthur is dealing with his attraction to Emry, forced marriage to Guinevere, his father's sickness, and all the other dangers that lurk outside the kingdom's walls. The two kind of have a push and pull relationship but soon realize how much they rely on one another.

Guinevere is also struggling in the romance department and is dealing with a secret that can only lead to disaster. While she's supposed to marry Arthur, her attention lies elsewhere... with Emry's brother. Emmett is so drawn to Guinevere, but she's pushing him away and it's eating him up inside. All he wants is her and he doesn't even care about being a Merlin like Emry does. Emry has all the magic, but Emmett has more support from the leaders. They almost see Emry as a silly little girl when she holds so much power inside her.

THE FUTURE KING is full of adventure, scandal, humor and romance and this story unfolds almost like a teenage rom-com. I love watching Emry's growth and how all of the characters come together. All of the romance scenarios in the story have their own sets of problems and none are easy by any means. This adds more depth to both the plot and the characters. Even though the Arthurian references and plot are entertaining, I was so drawn to the characters and their situations more than the overall sequence of events. I found myself rooting for Lancelot and Percival as the story progressed.

Final Verdict: Overall, THE FUTURE KING is a book that keeps you eager to turn the page as you watch the drama unfold. I would recommend this to fans of Arthurian legends with a quirky twist, romance, drama, and comedy. The romance is enough to keep you entertained the whole way through and it's interesting to see how their threads to one another are tested when the kingdom is in trouble.
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