See You Yesterday

See You Yesterday
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May 17, 2022
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Barrett Bloom is hoping college will be a fresh start after a messy high school experience. But when school begins on September 21st, everything goes wrong. She’s humiliated by the know-it-all in her physics class, she botches her interview for the college paper, and at a party that night, she accidentally sets a frat on fire. She panics and flees, and when she realizes her roommate locked her out of their dorm, she falls asleep in the common room.

The next morning, Barrett’s perplexed to find herself back in her dorm room bed, no longer smelling of ashes and crushed dreams. It’s September 21st. Again. And after a confrontation with Miles, the guy from Physics 101, she learns she’s not alone—he’s been trapped for months.

When her attempts to fix her timeline fail, she agrees to work with Miles to find a way out. Soon they’re exploring the mysterious underbelly of the university and going on wild, romantic adventures. As they start falling for each other, they face the universe’s biggest unanswered question yet: what happens to their relationship if they finally make it to tomorrow?

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SEE YOU YESTERDAY by Rachel Lynn Solomon is a YA genre mix: a coming-of-age romance with a bit of time travel. Barrett Bloom wakes up on her first day of college and then does it again, and again, and again. She’s caught in a time loop and no matter how she changes her actions, she cannot make it to tomorrow. Luckily for her, Miles, a guy from her physics class, is also stuck in the loop. At the very least, she’s not alone, and at the very best, the universe conspired to trap her with her perfect match who can help her acknowledge out loud how the end of high school changed her.

I love novels set amongst college students, as it’s such an underutilized time period in the book world. For some reason, NA never really took off, but there’s so much growth and learning that happens during the college years (and some wild adventures too) that we need more stories from it! In college, Barrett’s decided she’s going to be different than her younger self, but it takes her many repetitive days to realize that only in the naming of where she’s been can she find freedom.

What I most enjoyed about See You Yesterday is the mystery element, particularly as it involves Dr. Eloise Devereux. The way that plotline is woven in feels so natural and plausible, and I liked getting to know that character and seeing how she responds to and influences both Barrett and Miles. I also liked meeting Lucie Lamont and was pleasantly surprised on multiple occasions with the new information we uncover about her on each subsequent repeating day. Lucie grows on you, and her relationship with Barrett is a great example of how much we assume about people and how much we actually don’t know.

The story overall is slow-going, specifically in the first half, and there are multiple times the dialogue reads more like the subtext of what people say, versus what they actually say. Because of that, and the walls Barrett understandably has built around herself, I had a hard time being fully emotionally invested. That being said, I did like how the romance with Miles unveils, and the shocking twist!

There are a lot of sweet and scientific moments in the book. It certainly had me thinking about physics and our place in the universe. SEE YOU YESTERDAY is a great read for those who love genre-blending.
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