Power of Flight: A Pick-Your-Path Adventure (Super You! #1)

Power of Flight: A Pick-Your-Path Adventure (Super You! #1)
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May 03, 2022
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Are you a hero or a villain? Pick your path in Super You!, this action-packed, illustrated origin story where the reader – yes, that means YOU! – gets the power of flight and must decide, choice by choice, whether to use their abilities for good or evil.

You thought you were in for an ordinary summer at science camp – that is, until you sneak into an off-limits area of the Center for Avian Science, get your hand scratched by a weird bird, and suddenly gain the power of flight! Now it's up to you to decide how to use the power: Will you fly out at night to save the day? Will you team up with the villainous Dr. Zeus, who bred the mutant bird and wants to take over the world with its powers? Or will you make the wrong choice and meet an ill-fated end?

Follow the choices, pick your path, and fly toward your fate. This looks like a job for Super You!

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As a child, one of my favorite genres was the choose-your-own-adventures. POWER OF FLIGHT by Hena Khan & Andrea Menotti is an exciting story that stars the reader who is attending the Summer Science Academy. Clawed by a mysterious bird, you wake up after a night of fever dreams to discover you have the ability to fly. Where did this ability come from? How long will it last? Will you be a superhero or will you become the villain? The choice is yours!

What I Loved:
This is such a fun read. I personally read it through four or five times choosing different paths to see more of the story. Putting yourself as the character is ingenious and works so well for these types of novels. It engages readers and pulls them into the story allowing them to imagine themselves as the character. What happens along the way is entirely up to the reader's choices. I spotted several opportunities for villains and several ways to be a superhero.

Final Thoughts: Thought-provoking and action-packed, POWER OF FLIGHT will send readers on a mission to discover the truth and encourage them to think before acting. Actions have consequences, and this book will show the reader just that.
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