Our Wicked Histories

Our Wicked Histories
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July 30, 2024
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There’s something in the lake at Wren Hall.

At least, that’s what the locals say. Not that Meg cares much about the rumors. When she’s asked to spend Halloween weekend at the Ireland retreat of the wealthy Wren twins, she recognizes the invitation for exactly what it is: her last, and only, chance to save her spot at Greyscott’s, the exclusive British art school she attended on scholarship until last summer. Clever, beautiful, and talented, the twins are the pride of Greyscott’s, and kindhearted Lottie Wren was once Meg’s closest friend. But not anymore.

None of Meg’s old friend group have talked to her since she left school—and they especially don’t talk about the incident that resulted in her suspension. Now, Meg is willing to do whatever it takes to earn their forgiveness.

But Wren Hall turns out to be far from the idyllic country manor Meg was expecting. The house is damp and drafty, the mirrors are all covered, and the weed-choked lake is at the center of legends that haunt the property to this day—a tainted legacy the estate seems unable to shake.

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Our Wicked Histories
(Updated: February 17, 2024)
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What worked: A wicked twist on THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER. This Gothic horror tale starts slowly and builds when some friends meet during Halloween at an Irish manor. Mix in some Irish urban legends of the Banshee and this is one thriller guaranteed to keep the reader guessing.

Meg isn't like her wealthy friends at an inclusion private school and when Lottie Wren asks her to the retreat to help her get back into school after being suspended? Meg is quick to accept. This is where the story has a whole I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST NIGHT vibe going for it. Mysterious and creepy things pop up like a maid that no one else sees except Meg. Rumors from the locals circulate of the manor being cursed along with deaths.

I liked how the reader is kept guessing on what is fact and what is just rumors. Meg's so-called friend's truths are revealed after an Ouiji board reading. Then one friend goes missing. More unanswered questions and some subtle creepiness have Meg second-guessing her stay. And it doesn't help that Meg has a troubling past that implicates her.

The Wren twins are beautiful, talented, and very wealthy. I admit I was surprised at who was playing who in this suspenseful novel. Seb's warning at the beginning of the story is one that Meg later wishes she heeded. All the friends have their secrets. Some are darker than others.

Slow moving at times, the author does go back and forth in time which can be distracting. Readers see what leads up to the reason behind Meg's school suspension, but it doesn't tell the whole story.

Gothic horror mixed with secrets and the urban Irish legend of the Banshee set in a creepy manor in Ireland.
Good Points
1. Gothic horror tale
2. I Know What You Did Last Night meets Gothic thriller
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