Lion Down (FunJungle #5)

Lion Down (FunJungle #5)
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February 26, 2019
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Teddy Fitzroy returns as FunJungle's resident sleuth when a lion is falsely accused of killing a distinguished dog in the latest novel in New York Times bestselling author Stuart Gibbs's FunJungle series.

For once, operations at the enormous zoo/theme park appear to be running smoothly (except for the occasional herring-related mishap in the penguin exhibit) and Teddy Fitzroy is finally able to give detective work a rest. But then a local lion is accused of killing a famous dog--and the dog's owner, an inflammatory radio host, goes on a crusade to have the cat declared a nuisance so it can be hunted. However, there's evidence that the lion might have been framed for murder and now a renegade animal activist wants teddy and his girlfriend Summer to help prove it -- and catch the real killer. And if that wasn't enough, someone has poisoned FunJungle's beloved giraffes and  the parks' owner wants Teddy on the case.  Now, Teddy finds himself wrapped up in the middle of his most bizarre, hilarious, and dangerous case yet.

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What I Liked: Stuart Gibbs explores the plight of animals in this latest addition to the Funjungle series by focusing the plot on human/animal conflict that results from habitat loss. Teddy would like very much not to be involved in any more mysteries after too many near-death experiences in past cases. However, the doctor’s activist daughter comes to Teddy for help when a local extremist radio host says a mountain lion killed his beloved dog. He is running a pressure campaign to get the mountain lion killed and has put a bounty on its head high enough that hunters are not afraid to break laws to try to collect.
Teddy and Summer have their first couple’s fight when she enthusiastically is ready to chase down leads and put herself in danger. Teddy faces extreme peer pressure over not wanting to run into danger. He wants to be cautious yet can’t fathom staying behind while Summer runs into dangerous situations. This makes for a great discussion point to have with your children/students about what they should do to resolve this situation.
The race is on to save one Mountain Lion’s life and to prove it innocent. Once again, poop gives Teddy the clue he needs to crack the case.
While this case doesn’t strictly revolve around Funjungle animals there are plenty of humorous catastrophe scenes culminating in a huge publicity event that goes hilariously wrong. This is a great family series that has my children begging to keep reading and even sneaking the book to their bed to keep going to figure out the real culprit.
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