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  • Learn by Sticker: Addition and Subtraction: Use Math to Create 10 Baby Animals! (Learn by Sticker, #1)

Learn by Sticker: Addition and Subtraction: Use Math to Create 10 Baby Animals! (Learn by Sticker, #1)

Learn by Sticker: Addition and Subtraction: Use Math to Create 10 Baby Animals! (Learn by Sticker, #1)
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July 18, 2023
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Explore a fun new way to practice math: with stickers! This activity-packed sticker book for children ages 5 and up provides basic addition and subtraction practice while creating ten adorable baby animal images, one sticker at a time.

Step 1: Solve the problem
Step 2: Find the matching sticker
Step 3: Place the sticker

…and watch your baby animal pictures come to life!

Combining the joy of Paint by Sticker Kids® with the curriculum-based practice of Brain Quest®, Learn by Sticker™ is a completely new way for kids to practice key math skills.

In Learn by Sticker: Addition and Subtraction, solve first grade-level addition and subtraction problems and use the answers to determine where to place each sticker to create ten sticker images of beautiful baby animals. Plus, the back of each sticker page contains fun, critical thinking-based math activities like solving riddles, decoding secret messages, and more.

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delightful way to work on math at home!
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LEARN BY STICKER: ADDITION AND SUBTRACTION is a clever and unique workbook that makes math delightful! The book includes 10 baby animals to paint-by-sticker, where children can create an image by placing stickers in specific shapes. Children must figure out which sticker goes where by solving addition and subtraction problems. On the back of each page, additional number games are included to extend the learning beyond the sticker paintings.

What I loved: This is such an amazing and clever concept! My 5 year old got really into figuring out the math problems and creating the pictures. While the book is rated for 5+, there are some pages that will be in line with basic abilities, while later pages will definitely work better for older/more advanced children. For instance, these include math problems where the answer is included but one of the numbers in the equation is missing (eg, "__ + 10 = 18"). These would be too difficult for little ones but would work well for older children. The age appeal is broad here, and I would recommend for middle elementary school grades as a result.

In terms of the images, they are very cute and ones that children will love creating. Everything in the book is in full color, which adds to the visual appeal. The worksheets on the back of the images add some extra math work to keep up abilities and learning potential as well with math patterns, word problems, and more.

In terms of the sticker paintings themselves, these are always so great! They are basically mess-free and so easy to take on the go. The pages are perforated so that the sticker sheets can be torn out of the back of the book for ease of working with the design. The designs are also perforated and can easily be removed from the book for display. The learning in this one also continues with math activities printed on the back of the animals that children can choose to do.

What left me wanting more: As a very small thing, some of the stickers did not come off the sheets super-easily, and we had a couple tear (though a very small number in relation to the number of stickers in the book). The numbers are written in different colors that allow children to figure out exactly which sticker when more than one problem results in the same number. This adds some complexity, however, especially as some of the colors seemed really close to the eye (for instance, the purple 8 and bluish-purple 8) though children can figure it out by shape as well.

Final verdict: LEARN BY STICKER: ADDITION AND SUBTRACTION combines art and math to delight young children and help them to extend their knowledge in a clever new way. Highly recommend picking this up for extending learning at home!
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