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What I Loved:

I've been a fan of this series since INCARNATE, but this time Ms. Meadows takes the story and her writing to the next level. With lovely prose and a fluid pace, Ms. Meadows takes her readers on a high-stakes, heart-in-the-throat ride that includes dragons, destruction, heartbreak, and healing. I loved every moment.

The characters readers fell in love with in INCARNATE truly come into their own in INFINITE. Ana especially displays strong character growth--the stubborn courage she exhibited in the first two books find purpose and resolve, and Ana's actions hurtle the conflict forward even as she tries desperately to solve it. Her new found maturity when dealing with the pain others have dealt to her and the pain she's given to others, along with her deeper understanding of what she's capable of and the lengths she'll go to set things right, finish off the series in a satisfactory manner. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing her in action.

The setting, at times stark and brutal and other times surreal and lovely, contributes to the growing sense of atmospheric tension that permeates the novel. Everything from the snow to the Sylph to the volcano stirring restlessly beneath the land of Heart contribute to the story.

Finally, the moral questions raised at the beginning of Incarnate are dealt with in a manner that is both unflinchingly honest and refreshingly non-preachy. Themes of self-sacrifice, loyalty, and selflessness are threaded throughout the series, and the growth of the secondary characters is notable. I loved how the entire series demonstrates the power of one person choosing to speak up for what is right.

What Left Me Wanting More:

Besides the fact that I wanted more swoony moments between Sam and Ana? Nothing. I was fully satisfied.

Final Verdict:

Full of action, plot twists, and unmistakable courage, INFINITE is a stunning conclusion to the INCARNATE trilogy.
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