In the Orbit of You

In the Orbit of You
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March 19, 2024
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In the Orbit of You is a YA story of enduring love from acclaimed author Ashley Schumacher, where a personality test reunites two friends and makes them second guess their careful plans.

It's been years since Nova Evans last saw Sam. She was too young then to understand why he had to move away―and what it had to do with the cuts and bruises he got from home and never wanted to talk about. All she knew is that they promised to find each other when they were older, something she thought was impossible thanks to her and her mom moving around constantly. Until she bumps into Sam in her new school, and realizes he has clearly forgotten their childhood promise.

Sam Jordan has a plan for his life: accept his college football scholarship, date his girlfriend Abigail, and―most importantly―hide how much he wants to do something, anything other than The Plan™ his parents and coaches have set before him. It doesn't matter if sometimes he finds himself thinking about the new girl he met in the cafeteria, a girl who reminds him of a past that hurts to remember.

When a school-wide personality test reveals Nova and Sam to be each others' top matches―not only that, but a match of 99%, the highest in the school―they begin to remember why they were such close friends, all those years ago. As well as the myriad of reasons this new-yet-familiar, magnetic, sparkling thing between them will never, ever work out.

In the Orbit of You is a story about the enduring and changing nature of friendship, of the strange struggle between who you are and who you want to be, and finding your voice after trauma.

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Nova Evans usually doesn't spend more than a couple months at the same school because her mom moves them all around the country for her job. Because of this, Nova gets the opportunity to be something new at each school. She's done it so often now that she's forgotten who she actually is and what she likes. With it being her senior year, she wants to try to focus more on herself to paint a better future. But at the newest school, she comes face to face with her childhood best friend: Sam Jordan.

When they were young, Sam got taken away from his abusive father and saved by his aunt and uncle. For that reason, he feels like he owes them everything and wants to stay on the path they've carved for him. He's on track to be picked up for a football scholarship and even has a girlfriend he feels like he can rely on. Everything is set, but why doesn't it feel right? Why does it feel like something is missing?

At lunch, Nova first sees Sam but he doesn't recognize her and asks her to move over to make room for his girlfriend. It hurts Nova, but she swears she sees some recognition in his eyes. Deciding to stick to her original plan, she lays low and tries to coast under the radar. After taking a compatibility test, of course she's matched with none other than Sam. Using tried and true methods of communication from their past, Sam tries to get closer to Nova so the two can rekindle their friendship. However, they aren't children anymore and the heart has ideas of its own.

IN THE ORBIT OF YOU is a young adult contemporary romance that is about finding yourself and overcoming childhood trauma. Nova is so tired of moving and wants nothing more than stability, just like every teenager deserves. For that, we start to see her anger toward her mother spark and grow. Sam wants to make his aunt and uncle happy and is ready to give up his future to do so. In his eyes, he only has a shot at a future because of them. As the two teens try to find themselves while closing the gap that's formed between them, they find a bit more than they ask for. The author does an amazing job at weaving together a romance that's painted in the stars.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to teens aged twelve and up who enjoy contemporary romances that have a lot of emotional impact. This story plays your heartstrings like a fiddle and I love watching as the two main characters reconnect while finding themselves.
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