I'm Trying to Love Germs

I'm Trying to Love Germs
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November 07, 2023
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Children's Choice Award winner Bethany Barton dives into the microscopic world of germs with fascinating information and tons of humor!

This book is covered in germs! But to be fair, so are we. Did you know that there are more viruses and bacteria on Earth than there are stars in the known universe? Learn all about the microbes in and on our bodies that help us survive, the ones that don't, and everything in between. Written in Bethany Barton's trademark balance of informative and hilarious, I'm Trying to Love Germs is a perfect entry point to viruses, the pandemic, and the importance of washing our hands.

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All About Germs and How They Can Be Positive Too
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I'M TRYING TO LOVE GERMS teaches that while germs have a bad stigma, not all of them are actually bad. Even though they're too small to see, they're everywhere. Scientists call germs microbes or pathogens and there are some people who study bacteria for a living. Some make you sick and are no fun, but others are vital to our survival. Humans have a lot of bacteria living inside of them that do all sorts of things like bacteria that fight in your mouth, protect infection on your skin, and help digestion by breaking down the food.

The overall format of the book is engaging and I love the introduction where it says this book is covered in germs. I also really love how it tells the reader to pinch to zoom in so we can see the germs. The author goes into the four different types: bacterium, virus, fungus, and protozoan. The illustrations have simple detailing and I love how the cover appears throughout the book to add a bit of humor. In the back of the book, there's a section called "A word on Washing Your Hands" and it teaches children the importance of washing your hands.

Final Verdict: I'M TRYING TO LOVE GERMS is packed with information about the good side of microbes with a twist of humor to add some extra entertainment for children. I would recommend this for fans of science, biology, and for those parents who want to educate their children more on germs.
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