If I Promise You Wings

If I Promise You Wings
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January 16, 2024
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Hold Still meets You've Reached Sam in this lyrical novel about one young woman's journey through the Paris fashion scene as she chases promises, overcomes grief, and falls in love.

Alix Leclaire has a plan: graduate high school and land her dream job as a feather artist at Mille et une Plume, where her creations will help define high fashion. Her best friend Jeanne will get a record contract and they’ll take over the Paris art scene together.  

But then Jeanne dies.

Alix is lost, until the day she feels Jeanne pushing her to the feather boutique. Soon, Alix is living a life she hardly recognizes—pursuing a passionate affair with an alluring artist, stealing feathers for her own creations, risking everything as Jeanne once did. But then Alix meets Blaise, the dreamy musician who comforts her, centers her, challenges her. 

Torn between two beautiful boys and coping with grief, Alix’s art takes on a frightening and wild beauty. Living like Jeanne has given her everything she thought she wanted—but she must decide whether to hide in Jeanne’s shadow or soar on her own wings.

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Overcoming grief and following your dreams
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After Alix's best friend Jeanne dies, she decides it's time to take control of her own life, just like Jeanne would. Her dream is to become a feather artist. With the memory of Jeanne in mind, she takes a chance and knocks on Mademoiselle Salome's door. She's a renowned feather artist and on a whim, takes Alix in as an assistant. Here, she meets Mademoiselle Salome's son, Raven, who makes her feel something. He sees something in her that makes him think she'll be an amazing feather artist, and this gives her the encouragement she needs.

Flashing between past and present, Alix tries to come to terms that Jeanne is really gone. Without her father around, the staff at Mademoiselle Salome's place quickly becomes the family she never had. They're willing to help shape the artist in her and she's one step closer to her dreams coming true. Yet, she can't shake this overwhelming grief with the absence of Jeanne. Along the way she meets Blaise who is also grieving the loss of Jeanne. Alix finds herself in a love triangle between Raven and Blaise as her heart finally starts to heal.

IF I PROMISE YOU WINGS is a lyrical contemporary story that is about overcoming grief after the loss of a best friend. While the story focuses on Alix's grief and journey, there's also a love triangle to add some romantic tension and a neglectful father, which gives more insight to why Alix struggles even more. Jeanne was her only true family and when she died, Alix lost everything. IF I PROMISE YOU WINGS is all about Alix finding family in the unlikeliest of places while making her dream come true. I love seeing her growth and her love for feathers make me see the beauty in them too. I never knew there were so many things you can do with feathers and it makes me look at them differently now.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to fans of young adult contemporaries with lyrical writing and lots of emotional depth. There are trigger warnings with neglectful parenting, grief, and lots of talk of death and loss. Alix is a relatable character that makes the reader what to chase their dreams too while tugging at their heartstrings.
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