Fall Into Me

Fall Into Me
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December 01, 2020
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An unexpected and searing romance unfolds between a young recording artist and her ex-Marine bodyguard trying to outrun his difficult past in this wrenching novel from the author of Come Back to Me and Run Away with Me.

Luna is one of the most famous singer-songwriters in the world. But she’s barely keeping it together. Demands from her family, friends, and fans have all become too much. Especially when she starts receiving threatening messages from a dangerous stalker.

That’s when Will comes into the picture. A Marine who has just returned from a tour in Afghanistan, Will is unsure what to do with the next chapter of his life. So when a job working security comes up, he figures he’d be a perfect fit. But Will wasn’t expecting a job that thrusts him so into the limelight—and he definitely wasn't expecting Luna; a human hurricane who’s used to getting whatever she wants.

Once Luna begins to let her guard down and show her real self to Will, their relationship moves from professional friendship to something more. As Will battles his inner demons, and Luna attempts to escape the realities of fame, they discover a deep connection that can’t be denied. But Will knows he shouldn’t compromise himself with a client. It’s too risky. Too complicated.

And yet none of that matters when the threats against Luna only get worse, leading to an altercation that could mean both Will and Luna losing the one thing that means everything to them—each other.

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Being extremely famous draws a lot of attention to Luna. But when she starts receiving death threats, her mom wants to keep her safe, so she enlists bodyguards to protect her. However, no matter how serious the threats are, Luna wants her privacy and feels like she doesn't need anyone watching over her. She has enough anxiety with the public and wants to keep her life to herself. The last bodyguard leaked information about her and she's determined not to let it happen again.

Enter Will. Will is an ex-marine and isn't afraid of much, especially not some diva. Luna has managed to chase off her previous bodyguards, but being from the military, Will isn't easy to break. He also doesn't mind telling Luna the truth, even in situations where other people would lie to her. As much as she hates to admit it, Will's brutal honesty is a bit refreshing to Luna. He isn't trying to suck up and get on her good side because she's famous. Instead, he takes his job seriously and wants to protect her from the writer of these nasty notes. But that's hard to do when everyone doesn't think they're real. As they spend more time together, their relationship develops into something more and that slow burn finally fully ignites.

FALL INTO ME is a cute yet cliche young adult fiction novel that falls into the bodyguard troupe. While it's predictable, I love how relatable Luna is even though she's famous. Just like anyone else, she suffers from anxiety and feeling self-conscious. When Will tells her truth after truth, she soon realizes how much she missed that aspect of her life. Everyone else puts on a front and expect so much from her. But not Will. I love the mystery aspect to it and trying to figure out who was sending the threats. It surprised me when we learn who it is. I admit I didn't see it coming.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to fans of young adult contemporary romance with gritty topics such as harassment (both physical and verbal), anxiety, and pressure of living up to other people's expectations. This is an easy read and nice for a relaxing day.
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