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This book is amazingly good
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this book is so amazingly good!

if you loved Stranger Things, this book is definitely for you! imagine Eleven being a teenager and falling in love but her telekinesis is still intact! i swear this book is just everything and more.

in all honesty, you'll find the book to be more romance. and i swear, i had to stop myself from reading for awhile just to squeal and appreciate what was happening to Ariane and Zane in the sweetest way! I'm in love! the feels is so much and more. it's just beautiful! and the way that Stacey Kade wrote it is it's as if you were falling in love for the first time. those beautiful firsts that we experience in love. it's just amazing!

then as the book progresses, we'll find out the plot of the entire triology (so far). i loved the fact that this book was already leading up to the next one. And I am freaking excited!!!

the characters are superb and I love that it was written in dual point of view because we feel so much more for both Ariane and Zane. We get to understand more their circumstances and the way they look at the other characters.

and speaking of characters, i love the real-ness of them. not just Ariane and Zane but the minor ones and especially the antagonists are so freaking twisted it's amazing!

i just love the writing style. i realized while reading Ariane's pov that I had to back track and read a paragraph again, but when reading Zane's pov, it was smooth and understable. i then realize how would I understand the thoughts of an human-alien hybrid? I am human, that's why I get Zane more. but the way Ariane shares her stories are so significant that you overlook that part. going back to her writing, she definitely nailed the feelings. and just the thoughts of these characters are just so real.

i usually don't read a series in one go because I might see myself growing bored, but I'm actually really really really looking forward to reading the next book. i just cannot contain the excitement of what will happen next!
Good Points
~ the romance ?
~ the writing style is just so realistic
~ kinda like Stranger Things but she's a teen and falls in love
~ the way it leads you up to the next book
~ ArZane is just to beautiful
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