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Mythology awakens
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What I Liked:
I'm a huge mythology fan, so when I saw a YA book featuring Egyptian mythology, I knew it would be right up my alley. The story starts with a bang: the heroine, Lillian Young, runs into a recently reawakened Amon, an Egyptian prince who needs her help saving the world from chaos. I appreciated how Lily didn't take everything at face value. She's dropped into this world she never could've imagined, and she questions everything.

What Left Me Wanting More:
I wasn't a big fan of the romance aspect of the novel. Feelings developed too quickly for my taste. That said, I feel that other readers will find something to swoon over with Amon. I did enjoy Lily and Amon's initial interactions; there's a good bit of humor there inherent in an ancient person waking up in the modern world.

The Final Verdict:
REAWAKENED is an intriguing start to a new series that immerses the reader in Egyptian mythology.
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