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The Shadow Behind the Stars features the three fates of Greek mythology. On a desolate island the sisters spin, measure, and cut, shaping the lives of humans they were sure to never meet. Until Aglaia appears on their doorstep and forces them to once again engage with the human world. While many books will feature encounters with the fates, this is the first time I have read one where they are the main characters. I loved the concept and the humanization of such epic characters. With only a handful of details written about the sisters in Greek mythology, it allows a wealth of opportunity to expand their story and imagine their world. Hahn capitalizes on this in the best way possible, creating characters that are interesting and intricate with thousands of years of experience to motivate their actions.

As with her previous book, A Creature of Moonlight, Hahn's writing is beautiful and haunting. She keeps true to the spirit of the old Greek tales and also makes a nod to Shakespeare with the inevitability of death that features so prominently in Macbeth. However, The Shadow Behind the Stars is not a particularly fast paced novel and does require a patient reader who can appreciate the beauty of the writing and forgive the sometimes slow crawl of the plot.
I loved this book almost all the way through, but it did take a downturn in the ending. After the novel was over, nothing really seemed to have changed for the characters. I don't think life after the story would have been all that different for the sisters if Aglaia had never shown up in the first place. As such, I'm not sure what the point of the entire adventure was.

Bottom Line: The Shadow Behind the Stars is beautifully written and, despite some pacing and plot issues, will surely be a hit with readers who love Greek Mythology.
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