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White Hot Kiss
(Updated: March 02, 2014)
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I totally didn't think I could love a book character more than Daemon from Jennifer Armentrout's LUX series.

Boy was I wrong!

WHITE HOT KISS has seventeen-year-old Layla, living between two worlds. She's half demon and half Warden. Wardens are gargoyles who hunt and kill demons. She lives with Wardens and wants more than friendship from cute Zayne, who only thinks of her as a sister. What sucks is she can't even kiss anyone as that would kill them.

Then she meets Roth, a demon, who stirs emotions in her that she's afraid to face. What happens next is a story guaranteed to keep you turning the pages.

What worked: Omg, Armentrout is the queen of chemistry. Loved her banter between the characters. Loved how she's able to give dept to all her characters. Roth is a 'bad' boy demon and admits it's in his natural to lie. You got to love a guy that names a 'familiar' snake tat 'Bambi'. It would be easy to make Roth all 'bad' but no we see glimpses of vulnerabilities such as his feelings toward Layla; love of muffins; kittens; and even smelling like chocolate.

Layla's struggles, confusion, and longing to be part of the Wardens is shown in such a way you can't help but want her to find some acceptance with this group. She's vulnerable but not weak. Roth brings out good qualities in her like the need to demand to know the truth about her own heritage.

There's lots of tension, romance(love these scenes that were sizzling hot), and surprising reveals.

My only complain is that I have to wait for the second book in this amazing series!
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