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I was going to give this book one star, but decided three would be more relevant.

I'm not going to lie, Stephenie Meyer over analyses EVERYTHING. To the point where Bella plays with her freckle on her hand, to describing Edward's 'lavender smooth; beautiful' eyelid, to eating a damn granola bar, to licking his smooth marble; hard lips. I couldn't stop laughing. I thought, 'Who the hell describes eyelids? I've never read a novel where the author describes a boy's eyelids as "lavender" and "pretty."' It's true, it does seem as though Meyer kept a thesaurus next to her to find a word that's 'bigger' than the actual word itself.

I did like the novel, I'm sorry to say. It's not a bad read, the film is horrible. This novel has many flaws, but think about it. This is a FANTASY novel - a novel that was base on Meyer's dream and pure IMAGINATION. If this was nonfiction then it would definitely be gay for a vampire to sparkle.

Giving it three stars for me means it was an OKAY read, it's not all that. I read it twice and once should have been good enough for me. After reading it for the second time, I put the book down, I couldn't go on.

I did like the Saga itself, Breaking Dawn especially.
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