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The Girl in the Clockwork Collar is a brilliant sequel to the amazing book, The Girl in the Steel Corset. All my favourite characters are back again, Griffin, Finley, Jasper, Emily and Sam, and they are just as great, if not better. I love the writing style, as we get to know what all the characters are feeling, not just the one. And I'm so happy that the world-building in this book was just as awesome as the last one.

This book didn't really have much connection to the last plot wise, but the characters are the same, as well as the amazing world-building. This meant that it was hard to guess what was going to happen, which I like, but it means that there wouldn't of been a dramatic ending or cliffhanger. As well as the last book, this book has left me questioning what is going to happen, as there is no obvious clue. This has got me excited to find out happens, and leaves me wanting to the next desperately.

The Girl in the Clockwork Collar goes into romance more than last, as we meet Jasper's previous loves and lives, Sam and Emily become closer, and something starts to happen between Griffin and Finely, which leaves me wanting so much more. I want to get my hands on the next book, just so I can find out what happens between them all.

I love how we get to explore outside of London in this book. Sometimes in other books, we get stuck in one place and get bored, but just so happens we travel to a different country book. This means that Kady Cross has to create a whole new place, and she did it just as well as the last, fanatically. I love the new character we get to meet, like the Irish Gang Members, new criminal masterminds and members of Jasper's past.

All in all, The Girl in the Clockwork Collar is another great edition to the Steampunk Chronicles, and leaves me literally drooling for the next book.
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