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(Updated: July 06, 2012)
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I loved ANNA DRESSED IN BLOOD. The premise of a boy that kills the dead is an unique twist on the whole I-see-the-dead premise which has gotten kind of stale. No, Kendare Blake breathes new life into this paranormal tale. Think Carrie meets Supernatural. This is one creepy tale that keep you at the edge of your seat.

I was lucky enough to go to ALA in Anaheim and get a signed copy of the sequel GIRL OF NIGHTMARES. Let's just say the wait in the long line was so worth it.

In GIRL OF NIGHTMARES, Cas keeps seeing Anna and fears she's in hell. Sure, she's the local urban legend that makes Bloody Mary seem tame but at the end of the first book she saves Cas's life. Cas also has fallen in love with this dead girl and wants to save her.

His friends, though they support him on his ventures to kill the dead, don't get his fascination and drive to save Anna. Even his own mother tells him to leave it alone.

Only Cas can't. Anna's image appears everywhere, haunting him until Cas can't take it anymore. He goes against the advice of everyone and seeks help to get Anna freed. Even when this means he might die too.

Cas ends up going to London to confront Gideon, his father's mentor, on the truth of the blade he uses to drive the dead back. While there he meets the Order, a secret organization, that is chilling as well as creepy. When Cas is wounded, the doctor eyes the blood like the Holy Grail.

One of my favorite scenes had to be suicide forest where people go to commit suicide. But the author doesn't leave it at that. No, this is a test that Cas has to win in order for the Order to accept him. Also there is a new girl, Jestine, who the Order has groomed to take over Cas's responsibilities.

This paranormal story casts it's own magic spell on the reader with it's creepiness that is haunting. Anna isn't the stereotypical dark demon but rather a misunderstood girl who met a horrific end. Cas struggles with his feelings he has for his job of killing the dead to his love for a dead girl.

The twists and turns in this story keep you turning the pages. The first sentence along is enough to suck you in:

...I think I killed a girl who looked like this once...

The rest of the story pulls you in with the vivid descriptions of the dead to the place where Ana is trapped. I wanted to read more!

This is a total must read for horror fans.
Good Points
1. Love the unique twist of the whole I-see-dead-people premise
2. Twists and turns throughout
3. Think Carrie meets Supernatural
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