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A Rock and Roll Twist
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I'm going to admit to you right away that I don't think I have ever read Jane Eyre all the way through, which is the story that Jane is based on. So I am reviewing this book without the original in my head to compare it to. The premise of Jane intrigued me, a young girl with no other options goes to work as the nanny for a handsome rock star and ends up falling in love with him. I did like the modern take on this story. I think if you are Jane Eyre fan, you will really enjoy this adaptation.

I really liked Jane's character. She is already strong and independent (her family situation makes her so) and through her relationship with Nico, she learns what true love means. I wanted her to be happy, no matter what path she chose. As far as Nico, I couldn't figure out if I liked him or not. There was just something about him that I didn't connect with. I'm not sure why, maybe it is because I am not familiar with the original and I'm missing something. I didn't like how so much of his life was secret, even from Jane. I think I would have liked him more, had I known more about him from the beginning.

There are some drug and sexual references in this, so I can't recommend it to everyone. Overall, if you are a Jane Eyre fan, I think you will enjoy this. I think I will give the original another chance and see what happens.
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