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Different, But The Same At Points
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Before I realized that there was a sequel to The Forest of Hands and Teeth, I talked to my friend about what I would like to see in a potential sequel. This did not indulge any of those desires. Instead, the book turned 180 degrees and began an entirely new story. That is, until the second half when the events taking place began to have a strikingly similar plot as the first book. Still, there is constant action once again, and the romance aspect doesn't feel as forced as the first one. It is not as good as the previous book, but Ryan's writing style drives the lacking plot so that it is always exciting.
Good Points
The Dead Tossed Waves is sufficiently different, particularly the first half, from the previous book that it is not repetitive. The fact that there is a new primary character gives the initial impression that it is not even the same series, except for the fact that that it is depicted in the same zombie apocalypse. Again, it is incredibly fast paced, even in the first chapter.
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