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Tantalize by Cynthia Leitich Smith
Publication Date: July 2008
3 out of 5 stars
PG-13 Violence, Sensuality, Sexual References, and Profanity

When the cook is brutally murdered, Quincie begins to doubt the cleverness and safety of a Vampire themed restaurant. But its too late to change it now, with the opening night quickly approaching. With the arrival of the new, witty, young chef Quincie becomes even more torn apart. How can she have feelings for this vampire master chef when she has always craved her werewolf best friend? Not only is the stress of mixed feelings weighing her down. Citizens are beginning to go missing and the ones that are found are dead. Could Quincies restaurant have attracted blood lusting trouble? The danger is just beginning.

Tantalize didnt have the depth or true romance I was hoping for.

I slightly disliked the main character because she didnt show weakness around the one person she supposedly loved. Whenever she was around Kieren she withdrew inside herself and became defensive, which probably stemmed from her guilt for having feelings for the chef, Henry. The only time her front faltered was at the end and it came too late to save her. Her love wasnt pure for Kieren. Her feelings for Henry were false, spurred from her loneliness and faint feeling of betrayal between her and Kieren. I believe Quincie developed a stronger feeling of right and wrong, not love, from Kieren.

Tantalize wasnt great, but it wasnt terrible either. It wasnt realistic, but it wasnt far-fetched. It wasnt deep, but it wasnt shallow either. Overall the story is very neutral.

Im interested to see how the author plays Quincies emotions and predicament out in the rest of the trilogy. Will she mellow out a little? Will she reprioritize her feelings and hopes now? Will she fight for Kieren to stay? I really have no idea, and that irritating unpredictability has me knowing that I will no doubt read the rest of the books when they are published.

Date Reviewed: December 29th, 2008

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