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A Terribly Beautiful Beginning.
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Reader reviewed by Erica

This is a great book that starts out the Gemma Doyle Trilogy. Gemma's mother dies and she's shipped of to a finishing school in England. She discovers a new power, and needs to master it. To top it all off, Gemma has many obsticles to face, including a mysterious Indian boy that catches her every move. She makes new friends while attending Spence, and shares with them the amazing power she has been granted. While frolicking in the new world, she discovers someone she thought to be gone. She receives help and discovers her destiny. If she fails, terrible things could happen. She has to believe in herself, and not flinch from the truth. Will she prevail or will she fail?
This is a great novel for anyone who enjoys fantasy and has an open mind! I applaud Ms. Bray on the first novel to a great trilogy. This is one of thoses books you simply cannot put down, you have to keep reading. I have read it a fair few times, and still enjoy it every time discovering new things I missed each time. She hooks you in and doesn't let you go til the book it done. If you enjoyed this one, don't forget the next two books in the series: Rebel Angels and The Sweet Far Thing.
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