Earth Called (Tales of a New World, #4)

Earth Called (Tales of a New World, #4)
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May 30, 2023
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In this last installment of the Tales of a New World series, love and goodness are put to the ultimate test as gods, humans, and animals come together to save everything they hold dear.

Mari, Nik, their newly formed Pack and the Wind Riders are in danger as the God of Death and his terrifying army march ever closer in Death's quest to rule the Wind Rider Plains - and to kill or enslave anyone who stands in their way.

The Pack and the Wind Riders must find a way to stop the God of Death before he poisons their world and all is lost.

There is one hope: Ralina, Death’s Storyteller. The woman Death has forced to travel at side, recording every atrocity he commits. But Ralina heeds the call of the Goddess of Life, the only being who can defeat Death, and escapes to warn the Pack and the Wind Riders with the knowledge she has accumulated during her harrowing journey. But will it be enough? Is there any way to truly stop the God of Death?

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EARTH CALLED is an enthralling YA fantasy and finale to the TALES OF A NEW WORLD series. The Pack and the Wind Riders must work together against the God of Death whose army and power has been growing. He has plans for the world and for his wife, the Goddess of Life, whose slumber he hopes to end so that she will see what he is doing from his angle. However, Life sees the destruction and the consequences for the things she has created, and she sets her own plans in motion, beginning with Ralina, Death's Storyteller, who travels to warn the Pack and Wind Riders of what is to come.

What I loved: This is such a lush fantasy read with plenty of mythology, magic, action, and world-building. While the story felt full in terms of plot and action, it managed to explain much to the reader along the way. The reader sees more of the animal bonding with the Pack and the Wind Riders, but also of the gods who are wielding their powers towards different ends. The balance between the settings was just right and gave a fuller picture of where the story was heading along the way.

The characters have really come into their own, particularly Mari and Nik, whose transformation over the past books and even into this last one have been big. They have each really grown into who they are and what they want to be. Other side characters, including some new ones, are also really well-constructed and keep the readers invested in their world and story. I also loved all the animals and the way that magic manifests in this world that adds something really special to the story.

Some of the particularly intriguing themes in this last book are between the play of life and death and their balance, the twisting of religion and the ways that different people can wield their religion, the power and strength of love and kindness, and free will/decision-making. There are certainly some overarching themes from the story that are also really thought-provoking, but I was particularly intrigued by the interplay of religion and humanity in this story, as the gods are very present and have their own element of humanity with their own flaws. The twisting of their power and the separate twisting of their teachings/elements by the humans who follow them created some interesting topics to ponder as they reflect themes seen throughout history.

The ending was satisfying, and while it will be sad to leave this series behind, this was a great finale to it all, bringing closure and hope to these beloved characters.

Final verdict: EARTH CALLED is a thrilling and engrossing finale to an epic YA fantasy series. Highly recommend checking this series out if you haven't yet!
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