Demon For Rent

Demon For Rent
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November 05, 2022
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David is a smart well-liked 7th grader. Riding the bus at the beginning of the school year, he is endlessly tormented by another boy, who yells at him to move from where he's sitting, rips up his homework, and squishes his lunch. One day, running an errand for his mom after school, he notices a sign in a shop window. It says Demon for Rent. He decides to check it out, thinking, perhaps, he may have stumbled on a way to stop the bullying on his ride to school.
Well, things never seem to work out the way you want them to as David will soon find out and for him, not in a bad way. Over the school year, he will learn what friendship means and how important it is to not make judgement without knowing all the facts. He will also learn a lot about life and the struggles others have just to survive.

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